LONESOME came to me in January 
an impulse, a necessiy, a need
a birthday gift from the other side
the underside, the underneath.

We are a gathering point, 
a fulcrum, a hand that feeds
what a poet will tell you
what the old friend sees.

We are wildflowers on the highway
getting lost among the weeds.
What magic have we mustered
from what brought us to our knees.

-Monique Erickson

LONESOME is a community-driven, interdisciplinary and intergenerational journal of poetry and the arts, published by the independent imprint LONESOME PRESS.

LONESOME elevates the unexpected, amplifying the perspectives of both award-winning and emerging artists alike. Our inaugural print edition1 LONESOME Nº1 YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE will be released in a hand-numbered, limited, hardcover first pressing this spring (pre-order LONESOME Nº1 HERE).2

LONESOME began as a simple invitation to the most creative people we know,3 from all walks of life and modalities, award-winning and emerging artists alike. The bountiful outpouring brought readings, salons, and celebrations to share poems, artwork, and music out loud.

What began in solitude became a community.

Now, we welcome you.


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Cover of LONESOME N°1: Mark Manders, Night Scene (detail), 2020-2022 Painted bronze, patinated bronze, hair, corten steel, 210 x 27 x 53 cm. Courtesy the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles.


LONESOME Nº1 YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE is art directed by BUERO New York & Alex Wiederin.

Contributors include:

Albano Afonso & Sandra Cinto / Penny Arcade / Lisette Austin / Tara Betts / Ama Birch / Max Blagg / Luigi Cazzaniga / The Chapin Sisters / Color War / Maria Cornejo / Judd Crane / Melora Creager / Rebecca Rose Cuomo / Mo David / Debasery / Ashley Escobar / Monique Erickson / Francine / Jordan Galland / Andrea Galvani / Theresa Ganz / Anton Ginzburg / Katherine Gleason / Bob Holman / David Horvitz / Leah Kogen-Elimeliah / Gregory Krum / Ingrid Jacobsen / Elizabeth Jaeger / Laura Leleux / Mark Manders / Maria McManus / Kristin Miller / America Murphy / David Pickering / Matt Proctor / Anthony Ray / Norman Salant / Ilka Scobie / Dana Sherwood / Cathy Simmons / Lily Simonson / Lily Ludlow / Gwen Smith / Sasha Weleber / Jeffrey Cyphers Wright / Seldon Yuan

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LONESOME is a community-driven interdisciplinary arts and poetry journal published by LONESOME PRESS. We elevate the unexpected and amplify unique perspectives.


Monique Erickson is a poet, writer and performance artist of Jewish and Cuban descent from NYC grappling with daughterhood, motherhood and womanhood. She has appeared in the NYTimes, WSJ & NYMAG. Monique is the editor-in-chief of @thelonesomepress.